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Digitising is the process of taking multiple single point measurements of 3D coordinates to recreate geometry.

This type of data acquisition is used frequently for inspection and reverse engineering applications with mostly geometric entities such as flat planes cylinders etc.

Portable CMM Arm-Based Digitizing: Using the FARO Platinum Arm for small to medium objects with intricate to moderate detail. This work can be carried out in house or on site.

laser scanning

3D Scanning provides fast, accurate measurement of the as-built condition of a physical part, and can be used for any object or environment.

Whether you're scanning an entire building or a small component, you can take advantage of our 3D Scanning Services.

Reverse Engineering Reverse Engineering is the process of measuring a part or object and then creating a CAD model of the part/object that reflects how it was to be designed originally (Design Intent).
Inspection / Analysis Inspection / Analysis: Your part is scanned to produce point cloud data.

That data is converted to a clean mesh file that is then alligned to the original CAD data using a best fit function by determining the most logical way to line up the data.

The scan data is then compared to the original CAD data to determine the differences.

Color deviation maps will show where the part surface is above or below the design surface.

Many other dimensional operations can also be performed.
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